Monday, November 06, 2006


My apologies to anyone who reads this blog for the lack of updates. The last week of mine has been one of the busiest. Our firm had its fiscal year end, so everyone worked together putting in their respective maximum effort.

This week I’ll try to touch on many things that have been reported and/or blogged from last week. Firstly, I’ll try and comment on a “singles” program that was done for Formula 1 this past season.

Also, while it might be late, I’ll try to comment on what every economist has been talking about for the last week on this election season…irrational voters. I’ll be re-hashing a lot of posts made by
Bryan Caplan at econlog. Caplan has posted many times that his book will be coming out sometime in the near to short term future on the “Myth of the Rational Voter.”

Lastly, I’ll be going over a
paper from Eric Hanushek and Steven Rivkin entitled “School Quality and the Black and White Achievement Gap.”
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