Friday, January 26, 2007

The Onion's Dating Levity

With all the dating talk that I’ve done in the past on my blog, I think this Onion article brings some wonderful levity to it all.

My favorite part:

Although Klein said he was "never a big believer in love at first sight" before, he claimed to be "instantly drawn" to the way Ridenour sat within 10 feet of him and looked in his general direction. A short conversation revealed the two were single, lived in the same town, and had both considered short-term kidnapping schemes in order to avoid spending another Christmas alone.

For her part, Ridenour says it didn't take long to realize Klein was the most caring, funny, and sensitive man who had ever spoken to her for more than 30 minutes without trying to get her to switch long-distance carriers.

And someday, I know I’ll be just as lucky.
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