Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Open Season

Since I love the topic of blogging and many outlets of online media, I thought this article was pertinent to the discussion. Like George Will had written earlier (and I discussed), the content that people can put out there is not restricted by quality at all. And many times, those who create the content don’t realize what they’re actually writing.

This quote explains the public’s possible realization of what’s going on:

"I do think it's an invasion of privacy," says Melissa Bush, a business major at the University of Dayton. "But when you think about it, anything you post online is open season."

When she interviewed for an internship last summer, her interviewer told her upfront that they'd be checking her Facebook profile. She didn't worry because she's careful about what she posts -- but lately, she's been deleting messages from friends that she deems inappropriate.

"If you don't want people to read it, don't post it," Bush says. "If you don't want people to see a video, don't post it.

Obviously, when you post in the public domain it’s open season for anyone to reply or critique. Unfortunately, only now are many people realizing this.
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