Sunday, February 25, 2007

On Stephen Kirchner

For anyone who may not be aware, Stephen Kirchner has been a vocal critic of Nouriel Roubini for quite some time.

(As an aside, what has really made me a fan of reading Kirchner’s blog is the fact that I’ve never heard his foreign policy views; so I neither know if he’s pro-Iraq War or not. As much as I’ve agreed with Larry Kudlow and Hugh Hewitt on a few economic issues, I fear their other policy goals as I would the plague.)

But what I do know and love about Kirchner is his total lack of fear in confronting Roubini on what Larry Kudlow would call Roubini's “perma-bear” status. As Kirchner himself documents, Roubini wrongly predicts the demise of the U.S.’ markets on a surprisingly consistent basis.

If you want to see someone who is unabashed in commenting on financial economics, then look no further then Stephen Kirchner.
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