Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Learning from the Past

Once while a freshman in college, my dorm mates and I were in the halls discussing what books we had read. I felt completely left out not really having ever built a strong fervor for reading (thank God that changed).

Nevertheless, one of the foremost intellectuals in our group said that he had read Gandhi recently to which I replied, “Pshhh, Gandhi.” Now, I had never read Gandhi, but admired -- and still do to this day-- his peaceful legendary civil disobedience from what I learned in world history, and the only reason I made the remark was to try and get into the conversation and sound cool. Almost immediately though, I had realized what I actually said, but it was impossible to take it back. Even though I now realize how much of a douche bag I was for not thinking before speaking, I can’t help but wonder that my comment in the fall of 2000 may have been the re-sparking of neo-conservatism. Nevertheless, even though I know I have nothing to do with modern day neo-conservatism, I still think that was a horrendously thoughtless and stupid comment.

In the end, Gandhi kicked ass without having to physically kick it, and anyone who says otherwise is simply not thinking.

Also, I think this is a good opportunity to mention one of Glenn Greenwald’s latest posts that mentions how the Clinton administration actually did deal with terrorism. I wonder what a poll would show about Americans' attitudes towards combating terrorism. Clintonian counter-attacks, or Bush pre-emptive strike regime changes?
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