Thursday, September 28, 2006

Two Points about Digg

I am going to try and illustrate two points in one post today with the help of this link to a politically-related article on Digg.

The comments about that article help articulate my
ongoing fear of blogging about politics. Simply put, much of the comments on that Digg page don’t really add to the political discourse. On that note, I would like to address one specific comment that stated, “Reason #234555 why you keep losing elections. You guys find the Daily Show and the Daily Kos to be a good place for talking points.”

I just have two minor disagreements with that comment. First, the real reason why Democrats lose elections (otherwise known as, “Blue States Lose”) was already stated
here (and is continuously stated every Friday might I add). Second, while using the Daily Kos and the Daily Show for “talking points” may be a bad idea (I’m not weighing in and saying that they are bad or good, just conceding the chance that this person’s comment might be right), that comment still doesn’t add to the political discourse.

I’m guessing most people on Digg might not want to and/or try to write in a different manner because they might get even more flak for a more demure writing style. I.e., “You think you’re better than us?” or “Just because you write it nicely and suggest different points of view doesn’t mean you’re right.” The bottom line is that no matter what you (or I) say and how you say it, people are going to get really angry. As I’ve found out, even when you make fun of yourself to try and illustrate how all the reading you’ve been doing is for a reason, people still find some
nasty things (go more towards the bottom) to write in order to “help you.”

My number two point in this post is to simply tell anyone who reads this blog that the reason why I link to
Google news is because I personally prefer it’s distribution of news in the sense that you don’t have to deal with a 50-50 battle royal of people yelling at the top of their lungs how the story is wrong or right.

Also, while I admit that I tried to portray a serious tone in this post, I also concede that if you’re looking for some fun, or something to chuckle at, please go and watch everyone duke it out on the comments sections of some of these Digg pages. Obviously, for the best yelling matches, I recommend these
two sections at Digg.
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