Friday, December 08, 2006

Bryan Caplan on the Religous Gender Gap

A very interesting post that I think is a must read by Bryan Caplan at Econ Log. Bryan uses two different reasons regarding why women are more religious than men (the religious gender gap).

I’ll use just use a few snippets, but I really mean it when I say that his entire post is a must read.


On a deep level, then, men are more inclined to want some hard proof that religious claims are true, while women are more willing to take religious teachings on faith because they sound nice. Burn me at the stake if you must, but it's true.


As traditional mores break down, however, men feel freer to be themselves - and share their doubts with others. In contrast, since their piety was relatively sincere from the start, women don't respond much to the fall in social pressure.

I can’t help but agree with Bryan’s reasoning here. I’d like to see people try to counter his argument.
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