Sunday, December 10, 2006

Websites Popping Up Everywhere

Apparently, these days you’re not cool unless you’re on the Internet. I have some old friends from college who have put up their own website, called “Closed Concepts.” I’m not exactly sure what the purpose of the site is yet, but it looks like they’re uninformed just as much as I am. Being they say that this is part of an “e-journey toward e-enlightenment,” I’m thinking we’ll all find out their purpose together.

However, to the core of the matter… Economically speaking, since the cost of publishing yourself on the Internet is free, why not do it? And if you can afford the money to have your own domain, then these instances of having your friends put up websites for purposes that we’re not sure of will probably continue to occur. Like I said, at this cost, maybe the question isn’t why, but why not?

However, running and maintaining the website and continuously makings posts or providing new content requires time and/or money. So, that ends up being a cost. As I’ve seen personally, my friend Will has been studying and working so hard at Loyola that we’ve rarely seen an update from Blogicology.

In fact, if you yourself wonder what makes a website (or more relevantly, a blog) awesome, then check out this post from Scott Ginsberg.
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