Sunday, April 15, 2007

F1 Post Bahrain Grand Prix

Now that the third round of the 2007 Formula 1 season is over, we can start to see where the teams are stacking up.

One of the meme’s that the commentators circulate on a weekly basis is that how the budgets of Toyota and Honda don’t really offer the results that you think such large sums of money would. On the other hand, I would still contend that the budgets of BMW, McLaren-Mercedes, and Ferrari aren’t exactly cheap.

2007 Constructors Championship
Pos Constructor Points

1 McLaren-Mercedes 44

2 Ferrari 39

3 BMW 18

4 Renault 9

5 Toyota 5

6 Williams-Toyota 2

7 Red Bull-Renault 0

7= Honda 0

7= Super Aguri-Honda 0

7= STR-Ferrari 0

7= Spyker-Ferrari 0

By the way, Jarno Trulli finished 7th in the race for Toyota. Ralf Schumacher struggled all weekend and finished 12th. I think Toyota – and Honda for that matter – is in a tough spot. Everyone has essentially written them off as Grand Prix winners. However, if (a strong if) and when they start contending for wins, everyone will simply say, “Well, look at their budgets, it’s about time.”

And hey, maybe it is about time. But in Formula 1, it’s a tough market.

(Photo from Toyota F1)
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