Thursday, October 12, 2006

Another Way to Think About Dating

Tyler Cowen has another way to think about dating. From the previous comments I’ve seen here, I would venture to guess that for a few people out there, the question would be whether people want any intimacy right now and would then date many people hoping to find the right one (English Auction).

Also, as I previously saw from the commenters who called me “whiny,” to them I would then fall into the “Dutch Auction” category. According to their observations, I set the “bar” high, and then work my way down taking the first bidder that bites. While I practically have no intimacy ever, I do like not having to go through breakups.

I really have to thank Tyler for giving me (and hopefully some of you) a different way of looking at dating. I’m also sorry I didn’t come to think of it on my own.
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