Thursday, October 12, 2006

Did They?

I was just “wowed” last night watching a commercial. Now, if I have you wondering what cool commercial this was, I need to tell you that the commercial was not that cool. It was for the 2006 Mercury Milan; a car that itself I’m not sure is even all that “wow” worthy.

However, the song that they used for the commercial was from the band,
Morningwood. The song in particular was “The Nth Degree.” Now, thankfully, they used the right part of the song and edited the right parts because otherwise the commercial would allowed for the song to continue to spell out (if you haven’t listened to the song, to literally spell out) “M-O-R-N-I-N-G-W-O-O-D.”

Now, mind you, I personally love the song, and I really dig the band since I saw them open for Kasabian and The Music a year go. I also don’t mind the song being used in the commercial. Even if they let all the wrong words flow, I’d still be okay with it, but they’d probably have to give the commercial a PG rating, but it could still be shown with Girls Gone Wild commercials. Nevertheless, I still can’t believe they actually used the song. Now, whenever I see a Mercury Milan, I’m going to think about Morningwood, and I can’t guarantee that it will always be about the band of same name.
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