Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Why Not to Vote for Raj

The simple demeanor of his campaign shows how frivolous this candidate is. I’m sorry but a campaign blog that devotes two separate posts for football simply demonstrates how insincere his intentions are.

Listen to "Raj's" campaign rhetoric:

America was born through immigration, though today too much of our immigration is illegal and unchecked. Both the Democrat and Republican parties are ignoring America’s border security crisis. Republicans don’t want to anger big business and stop the flow of cheap labor, while Democrats don’t want to turn away potential voters. Astoundingly, five years after 9/11, we do not have an immigration policy to meet our security needs. More security fencing along the border and a more stringent visa policy for those coming from terrorist states are badly needed. In Congress, I will fight to see that this is done.

He doesn’t even answer the question his own rhetoric is supposed to deal with. In fact, he uses the immigration issue (which becomes an issue every even numbered year along with gay marriage and flag burning) to segue into terrorism. Not even a position, just an excuse to employ a scare tactic to try and churn up the base that votes Republican.

Even if you don’t believe me, just read
this post by Tyler Cowen in which he states:

The North Korean crisis helps the Republicans. Even the botched war in Iraq helps the Republicans. No matter how badly the Republicans do, people (rightly or wrongly) trust the Democrats with national security even less.

I think it’s time that real conservative Republicans
take back their party.
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