Wednesday, October 18, 2006

No More Tag

There are too many ways to make fun of this and comment on it, but I’ll try anyway.

First, I wonder how politicians will see this. On the one hand, they’ve been more than happy to
take away certain liberties of ours for our own safety. So, I could try and say that they’d be happy in proclaiming that they’ve just made our kids safer.

But on the other hand, if you’re a glorified pundit who is homophobic, this could be a minor blow to you, or not. I mean, on one side the lack of tag and touch football might make our kids serious pansies. On the other side, as a homophobic pundit, you’d probably want to make sure that boys touch boys as little as is humanly possible (which could then be a great reason that baseball is our national pastime). In that case, getting rid of tag to that pundit would be a literal Godsend.

Also, from my memory of recess, if there wasn’t tag, there wasn’t much else to play. So, now our kids might start getting fatter. I know that might be a stretch what with playing with friends after-school and other activities, but for me – as a child – if it wasn’t for school I wouldn’t have had the exercise and activities that made school fun and kept me active physically. Also, in my experience, gym class didn’t come into effect until 6th grade.

As a kid, tag was awesome because I could only get so much soccer, and I wasn’t all that great at tennis yet. Tag filled in a great void of the need for running around for a purpose. Therefore, naturally, I would have distraught if I would not have been allowed to play tag.

How about you? Matt, did you ever play tag? I know you want to comment.
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