Saturday, March 31, 2007

Gardemesiter Excluded

I just read off of Eurosport that Tony Gardemeister was excluded from the Rally Portugal because he drove his car on a road section – public roads to get to the next stage or a service stop - with only three wheels (he hit a bridge on a stage and broke off one of the four).

While I don’t want to rush to judgment on the entire situation, I am very frustrated with the judgment of the rally officials. At the Rally Acropolis (Greece) last year Sebastian Loeb drove on a road section getting to the service park with three wheels going on to actually LOSE THE ENTIRE REAR AXLE. Loeb was allowed to remain in the event and finished second in the rally. Why the different treatment? I wish Eurosport would ask someone because I certainly can’t get an answer out of the FIA.

Image of Sebastian Loeb last season before his entire axle tore off from the Citroen used from official 2006 Rally Acropolis website.
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