Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Spring Break

As a kid who never went anywhere during spring break, not once, it’s important for me to find out what I missed. And thanks to this article from the Washington Post, I’ve found out that what I missed by never “attending” a spring break was pure and simple: marketing.

And this all reminds me of one of my most favorite songs by the band Cake, “Rock ‘n’ Roll Lifestyle:

Excess ain't rebellion.
You're drinking what they're selling.
Your self-destruction doesn't hurt them.
Your chaos won't convert them.
They're so happy to rebuild it.

You'll never really kill it.

I guess I was just never that cool to have the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle. Or, maybe I had realized at a young age that my actions would never have an economic impact to change the course of corporate America, or let alone the realization from the song by Cake that the actions that young persons perceive as “rebellious” do nothing to affect corporate America, and may as well play into the marketing they provide. I would venture to say they are merely being rebellious against their parents’ rules.
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