Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Car Songs

New York Times blogger, Micheline Maynard, writes about songs to listen to in the car, or rather that are car specific. She mentions “92 Subaru” by Fountains of Wayne, one of my favorite songs of late.

I wonder how many people out there have their own lists of songs that are car specific. By the way, I hope your life isn’t as bad as to find Carrie Underwood’s “Jesus Take the Wheel” absolutely necessary to listen to. If your life is in such dire straits, I recommend turning the radio off and putting yourself in the company of your best friends.

Just a few off the top of my head:

  • Fountains of Wayne – 92 Subaru (you could also pick Survival Car)
  • BT – Ride
  • Gary Numan – Cars
  • The Beach Boys – I Get Around (also, many other songs to pick from The Beach Boys)
  • Cake – Stickshifts and Safteybelts (a few others by Cake that are car specific or use cars as metaphors)
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