Monday, May 07, 2007

Competition and Monopoly

Charles Wheelan discusses the postal service here. John Stossel discusses school choice here.

Sometimes I still get floored when I see and read the comments and/or hate mail that some writers receive. For example, if you read some of the comments left from Wheelan’s article, the consensus from all the people who didn’t rate it well was: “Why write about this? There are so many other bigger problems.”

Apparently not even the people who left the comments realize that Wheelan is a writer that has to deal with competition. Why write about something that everyone else is already writing about? Not only that, but why don’t the readers read another article. They complain as if Wheelan somehow wasted their time, and forced them to read his article. But I have absolutely no idea how he may have wasted readers time when he blatantly said in the title that he would write about the United States Postal Service. They knew what he was going to write about, so why didn’t they read something else?

It is the people who leave those kinds of comments that make books like this possible.
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