Tuesday, August 08, 2006

great place to work

As an example of how I enjoy my work environment and the congenial relationship I have with my boss, this is an email I wrote to my boss after I received a request to “please complete the attached forms,” for an assignment I had never done before. I thought that I could provide some insight back to my boss in considering the lack of directions that I received.


I would be happy to, but I will not forego this opportunity to shed on you some economics questions. Firstly, with efficiency in mind, why would someone (namely here, you) request completion of tasks from someone who has never completed said tasks. Even if an argument of “applied learning” is implemented, several questions remain. Do I have the resources to complete these tasks? Do I know where to acquire the information and proprietary knowledge to complete the forms in the task?

What are the chances of me coming back to the same person who assigned the task (again, namely you)? Is it then truly efficient that I were given the task? Even if completed entirely on my own, would the documents be sufficient? In my personal expertise, I might describe the property as, “Three lots barely larger than the area between elbow and forearm, which are located somewhere in Delaware.” Even then, you might still come back to me with requests for revision, which would restart this entire scenario.

In the words of (a co-worker and friend of mine at another division), (boss’ name), think smarter, not harder. I’ll see you soon.

-Mike K.


Needless to say we all had a good laugh, and the job was done.
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