Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Jurassic 5

One happenstance about getting a blog only recently is that it seems when I talk about something from the music industry; it’s always from an artist who is now gaining much more notoriety, even though I was listening to them for quite a bit of time. A great example for this in the past was Fountains of Wayne. That’s why I’ve added the play list link and board on the right side of my blog page.

All the same, today’s musical mention goes to Jurassic 5, who are out with their latest album, Feedback. I first heard these guys back when WOXY was still an old fashioned radio station. The lead single from the album, “Work it Out,” features Dave Matthews and is a most enjoyable track, as is the album. With as much talent that these gentlemen employ, it’s hard to imagine anything they ever do as being sub-par.

On a side note, to those who know me, I am still not a fan of Dave Matthews, and I believe what this shows is Jurassic 5’s constant attraction of working with other artists, and Matthews’ willingness to join such one-off ventures.

I’d love to post one track, but two things. One, the RIAA would have me killed, and two, there is no need because Jurassic 5 let you listen to some of their tracks on
their website.
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