Tuesday, August 15, 2006

paying the bills

A simple economic question: At the office building that the company I work for rents, the utilities are covered by the owner of the building. When our upper managers heard about this they said that we didn’t have to restrict our energy consumption as much as we had been because we don’t have to pay for it.

But I wonder if by not restricting our consumption, that we might start to use so much energy that the owner’s utility bills would soon create a large enough cost for him to change our payment scheme in which we would either have to pay the utility bills and/or pay more rent. If the payment scheme is in any way changed to the point where we pay more when we use more, then we’re right back to conserving and restricting our consumption.

Now I wish I could have access to the bills and then run one month of conservation, and one month with the air conditioner set to 67 F to get a good idea of how much our renter is not saving.
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